ASK YOUR REALTOR: Questions for Home Buyers

With the advent of modern real estate websites today’s home buyer is much more educated about the home finding and buying process than ever before. They are tuned in, plugged in, and logged on from the get go, but despite those facts there are still some real world questions to consider before selecting an agent.

In the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers recently released by the National Association of Realtors, 81% of first-time buyers said the benefit of having an agent was that the agent helped get them educated about the buying process, and more than 50% of all home buyers said their agent pointed out features or faults of a property that they may not have noticed on their own.

Finding a qualified and experienced REALTOR® is the first big hurdle, but once you’ve found one you like there are some very good questions to ask:

1. What should I expect?
Not having unreal expectations can save you a lot of headache and heartache throughout the buying process. Talk to your prospective agent about how long the different parts of the process might take, discuss when you will have items you need to address. A well organized agent will be able to give you good general guidelines on time frames and materials to make the timing flow as it should.

2. Do you know a good mortgage broker, home inspector, painter, or other service provider?
A recent survey by the NAR showed that almost half of home buyers thought they received a list of service providers better than they one’s they could find on their own. Fact is a local agent should know a number of people in the home services industry to help you prepare and care for your future home.

3. Are you objective?
Having an agent who not only has your best interests in mind, but who also has an objective and detail oriented mind can be a real asset. A good deal of this virtue comes from simple experience; is a good reason to work with a well seasoned REALTOR® who knows not only the industry but also the area. Is it a good idea to ask for more money to cover repairs, are these repairs necessary, how much to offer — all these are the types of points that will need a skilled negotiator.

4. What did I forget to ask?
Is this one kind of like wishing for more wishes? Not at all! An agent with history will know many of the home buying pitfalls to steer you clear of to begin with, and they will also likely have a lot of information to share that you might not even realize you needed. It’s never a bad idea that once you are working with a REALTOR® that you fully make use of their knowledge – ask questions! A good agent will have answers!

In the end, even if you are working with an agent, every decision is yours to make but having a qualified real estate professional on your side can be a real life saver. Consider all these questions when looking for a REALTOR® to help you in your search for the perfect home and if you want to start finding homes in the meantime please visit my website for the best homes in Boise!


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