About Debbie Cleaver

The stress and excitement of moving is something Debbie is very familiar with. Being a child of a military family, relocating was frequent. Traveling back and forth to Europe af- forded her many travel experiences. After spending the majority of her adult life in Washington State, she and her high school sweetheart husband, Oliver, decided to make the move to Idaho. The beautiful four seasons of weather and quality of life for their two girls, Nicole and Kristina, made it impossible to resist.

After visiting on four different occasions, her family decided on a beautiful 10 acre view parcel in Star to build their home. Over time they migrated to Eagle, and then to Meridian to make their home.

Debbie started selling real estate prior to her oldest, now married, daughter was born. “I wanted to find something I loved and still be able to take care of my family, so real estate seemed a natural fit. It was and still is.” Prior to starting her real estate journey, she worked as an assistant manager for a finance company, followed by a position as a marketing representative to Realtors. The next step seemed obvious and the experience she gained from these related fields of employment have been invaluable to helping her real estate clients.

After a couple of years of living in Idaho, Debbie decided to go from Sales Associate to Broker and open her own company. The name was easy, Integrity Group Real Estate. “Integrity Group RE, it’s not just our name, it’s how we do business.” became the tag line. Debbie believes if you treat people with respect, are honest with them, and genuinely care about their interest, success will follow.

Overtime, clients began requesting information about becoming an associate with Integrity Group RE and the numbers grew. Debbie could no longer manage the size of the meetings in her personal office so the company purchased a property on Locust Grove in Meridian and launched an extensive remodel. While the building is still a part of the business Debbie made the decision to scale back on the management and focus on her true love, helping her clients with their real estate needs.

Her biggest hobby is photographing just about anything that will hold still.


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